We Stand with Israel
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Dec 9, 2023

Its really hard to imagine what is actually going in on Israel right now.  However, I will say that I believe that Israel is doing the right thing.  Hamas has been sending rockets in to Israel for years and terrorizing the Isaelis's that live close to the Gaza border. On October 7, Hamas proved that there can never be peace as long as Hamas is in existance.  There will never be a two state solution.  Hamas has ended all hope of that.  And no only Hamas, there has been an entire generation that has been raised with the Hamas influence.  Until the Palestinian mindset toward the Jews has changed, truly changed, until they stop chanting From the River to the Sea, there can never be peace.
As for our 2025 tour, we are still planning to go.  I believe that Israel will have this taken care of well before time for us to travel and it will be our intent to go as soon as safety and security is restored.
Stand strong for Israel, wherever you are, and remember to pray daily for the Peace of Jerusalem and for the safety of the Israeli soldiers that are fighting for the existance of the Jewish people and their God given homeland.
Shalom Shalom,  Am Israel Chai!!

February 15, 2023

Wow, I don't even know what I can say that would describe what a wonderful trip we had.  After being gone for 3 years, it was almost overwhelming to be able to go "home" again.  It was amazing.
The Lord blessed us this year with perfect weather.  We didn't have a single drop of rain and it was relatively warm.  It was perfect for these bones of mine, which keep reminding me that I'm getting old.
We had an amazing group this year.  Everyone was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there and we had no major personality conflicts.  We had a large group from Sugar Grove Church in Indiana, and they were absolutely the best!!  Our entire group was great this year and it just makes me excited to return.  How about you?  Will you return with us in January, 2025?  We'd love to have you.

February 18, 2020

What an amazing trip that we had to Israel this year.  In so many ways, I feel like it was one of the best trips ever.  We had 47 travelers and everyone got along so well together.  The Lord has really blessed us with great groups of people throughout the years.
We were fortunate this year to have no travel issues.  Everyone reached the meeting place at JFK on time and all luggage arrived in Israel the same time that we did.  That was a blessing.
When we first arrived in Israel, we had torrential rains.  It was rain like they have not had in over 70 years.  While the Israeli's were very happy and excited about it... us, not so much.  It didn't last though and the rest of the time was beautiful.  We had two other days of rain the entire trip but it was manageble and not cold.  For the most part, the weather was splendid.
With the 2020 behind us, I'm now looking forward to planning the 2022 trip.  I hope you will join us.


February 22, 2018

We have now returned from our 2018 tour and what a time we had.  Though there were many challenges, we had a fantastic tour.
We started our tour the day after the "Blizzard" that shut down JFK airport.  Therefore, we had many flight cancellations and delays.  Ultimately, we all got there, albeit a few were a full 24 hours late.  However, even though we all arrived, not all of the luggage made it so quickly.  We had 4 travelers who went a full week without luggage...  But, you know, the spirit of the group was high and everyone pitched in to provide clothes, makeup, and other necessities.
In spite of the travel challenges that we had, the trip was fantastic.  The weather was perfect the entire time and I felt like God was showering us with extra blessings.

Now it's time to move forward and begin the planning for the 2020 tour.  I would love to have you join us.